Combination Whetstone in Grits 1500 & 3000

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Well-finished Whetstone with an excellent price/performance ratio for a very good sharpening experience. The white corundum offers high-grade grinding particles of even size. Because of this, a nice, homogeneous grinding pattern is achieved. Additionally, this stone offers a long tool life.

The stone is suitable for rough grinding as well as finishing and so ensures an optimal result. This stone is universally usable for all types of knife blades, especially for fine tasks. This white corundum stone has two different grits. The 1500 grit is for rough grinding and the 3000 grit is for fine finishing.

The rubber shell ensures that the stone stays secure on the surface it is on and does not slip.

The ideal stone to sharpen your Eickhorn knife properly.

  • Whetstone measurements: ca. 60X60x200mm
  • Grits: #1500 (rough) and #3000 (fine)
  • Binding: ceramic (burnt at 1050°C)
  • Usage: before use submerge the stone in water for ca. 10 minutes so it can sufficiently hydrate. During rough grinding, continually keep wetting the stone. For rough sharpening use the rough side (red, #1500), for fine sharpening of the previously rough-sharpened edge, use the fine side (blue, #3000).

You can download the manual here:


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Whetstone "Belgian Whetstone" Whetstone "Belgian Whetstone"
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