Whetstone "Belgian Whetstone"

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Natural Whetstone, blue - Belgian Whetstone

The “Belgian Whetstone” is very special. The ancient Romans already knew the specialities of this stone, which exists in the Belgian Ardennes in this unique Quality. Even today the “Belgian Whetstone” is known as one of the best whetstones in the world. Since ca. 1625 this stone is mined in a small region in the Ardennes. That deposit is approximately 480 years old.

Easy to use

The Belgian whetstone is easy to use and provides convincing results. With the Belgian whetstone through the addition of water a unique, natural grinding paste is created on the stone. This grinding paste is the base for easy and efficient sharpening. Many top chefs, knife makers and professional users swear on this special whetstone.

  • Type: Whetstone
  • Grit: J 6000
  • Garnet proportion: ca. 32%
  • Binding: Clay, Ash, Mica
  • Length: ca. 20cm
  • Breadth: ca. 6Cm
  • Height: ca. 1.5cm
  • Application: Continuously wet (Because of the high density the stone absorbs little to no water). To polish or finish the knife blade in the µ-area


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