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The new `Bellator`is the first SYSTEMA knife, that
ES and Andreas Weitzel -one of the leading SYSTEMA
trainers- have jointly developed. The knife is made of proven
Böhler N695 stainless steel and comes with anti-slip G-10
grips. The shape of the handle has been influenced by the
Cossack sabre, also knows as the `Schaschka`. The basic
principle of the `Schaschka`is that it facilitates `grip, draw
and strike` in a single, fluent movement.
The large screws, the indentation in the middle part of the
grip and the ergonomical finger geometry enable excellent
handling and rapid change of hold.  This knife is also a superb
choice for hunters, outdoor fans and survival specialists.
For flexible carrying ES have chosen a Kydex sheath with
belt adapter.


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