KM5000 Trainer

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In pure combat use, the dagger blade still has clear advantages due to its shape. The penetration effect is significantly higher compared to conventional blades and the knife can be used in far more tactical manoeuvres than a single-edged blade.

Our KM5000 trainer version is available in blue anodised and 4.7 mm thick aluminum with a strongly rounded blade tip. With this trainer you can safely practise real knife attack and defence scenarios.

  •     Blade length approx. 17.4cm
  •     Total length approx: 30.5cm
  •     Blade thickness approx: 4.7mm


Product Note Status Price
KM 5000 KM 5000
(Version: Serrated)
217.85 € *
KM 5000 KM 5000
(Version: Plain)
217.85 € *
KM 5000
217.85 € *
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