Stuart Kerr

Managing Director



Dear clients and friends of


We are pleased to inform you that we have again successfully been audited for

our ISO 9001:2015, and as expected, easily fulfilled the requirements.

Regulatory changes in many European countries have created a considerable

amount of insecurity for those who carry knives for use in their professional

activities; Police, Fire and Ambulance services being in the forefront of those.

The ability to open a knife one-handed, and important safety feature, is generally

no longer allowed. As a responsible Solingen knife Manufacturer, we have

decided to offer our range of PRT knives in two-handed versions so as to

pre-empt this regulatory trend, and to reassure our users that they can still carry

their tools to and from their place of work without risk.

We have also worked hard to extend this advantage to our Every-Day-Carry

model of the Pohl One knife, making a two-hand version and so keeping this

highly attractive and innovative knife in its EDC category. No simple task in

keeping the perfect match of function and design.

As of January 2009, you are invited to visit the company, inspect our

manufacturing ‘first hand‘ and truly see what it means to be a SOLINGEN

manufacturer. You can see (and handle) all of our products as well as looking

a little into our past and future.

You can sign in by using our website or by

calling + 49 (0) 212-66050. We look forward to your visit.

We hope you enjoy reading our new catalogue.

Stuart Kerr

(Managing Director)