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The Eickhorn-Solingen cutting board for your daily cutting tasks. Quickly cut Bread, or Sandwiches for your child's lunchbox. This small cutting board is best for these kinds of tasks. Of course, your cut-up treats can be served straight on the cutting board.

Lovingly handcrafted by a small local company in the neighbouring city of Wuppertal, every cutting board is unique.

The cutting boards are laboriously refined so the surface is very flat and achieves a picturesque appearance. After being cut and machined/engraved every single board is surface treated multiple times. The wood is oiled by hand and then rested for 24 hours so the food-safe oil can permeate into the pores. After drying the surface is once again smoothed crosswise by hand before once again being oiled and dried for 24 hours. This process is repeated at least 3 times. Subsequently, the surface is sealed with food-safe beeswax. The goal of this intensive surface treatment is to obtain a surface that is as smooth and sealed as possible. This achieves a picturesque appearance and surface feel as well as protection from moisture ingress. The smoother the surface and the deeper the oil has permeated, the better the protection against moisture.

  • Size: ca. 300x200x20mm
  • Material: glue-laminated Oak
  • Engraving: Laser engraved
  • Backside: double-sided machined handle strip / swiss edge, 4 anti-slip feet for stability
  • Treatment: The cutting board was already treated with food-safe oil and the surface was sealed from moisture ingress using wax. If required simply treat again using linseed oil, olive oil, or special wood oil. If desired the cutting board can be resealed with wax. Waxing again increases protection against moisture ingress. By regularly oiling and waxing the board achieves longer durability.
  • Note: never put in the Dishwasher, only clean with tepid water and some washing-up liquid, then dry well


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